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Best Gardening Sloggers Review

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Gardening involves dealing with wet, muddy and slippery surfaces.


That’s where a pair of Sloggers come in handy.

Sloggers are gardening shoes made to offer comfort while keeping your feet relaxed and dry throughout the long hours spent in your garden.

They are made up of waterproof material, thick inner soles and a deep-lug-tread to ensure enough traction to avoid slipping which may cause life-threatening injuries.

Below you’ll find a list of the best Sloggers shoes and boots in the market to date.

Gardening SloggersGenderPrice 
Floral Collection Women Gardening Slogger ShoesFemale$$$View on Amazon
Polka Dot Women's Gardening SloggersFemale$$$$View on Amazon
Sloggers 5301B10 Men's Gardening ShoesMen$$View on Amazon
Sloggers 5301BK09 Men's Gardening ShoesMen$$$View on Amazon
Sloggers 301GN08 Women's Unisex Garden SandalsUnisex$$View on Amazon
Kiwi Premium Women Gardening SloggersWomen$$View on Amazon
Tulip Pink Print Women's Gardening SloggersWomen$$$View on Amazon
Cowabella Cow Print Slogger Gardening BootsWomen$$$View on Amazon
Sloggers 2841BL07 Women's Gardening Ankle BootsWomen$$$$View on Amazon
Paisley Red Women's Tall Sloggers Gardening BootsWomen$$$$View on Amazon

1. Floral Collection Women Gardening Slogger Shoes

Floral collection gardening Sloggers come in various sizes from size 6-11.

They are made up of high-quality innersoles, which offer “All-Day-comfort,” .

What’s great about them?

They help prevent sores and blisters on your feet.

These Sloggers comprise of a heavy-duty lug tread for excellent traction while working in a muddy and slippery garden.

Moreover, they have a signature soft binding around the top to enhance the design.


They are easy to hose off and clean, and they dry off quickly.

Floral Sloggers are also made with 100% recyclable material which also has a soft feel.

Most importantly, the material produces no odors.

The soles contain 50% recyclable material, which when worn out can be returned to the manufacturer to be made into a brand new pair.

View on Amazon

2.Polka Dot Women’s Gardening Sloggers

Polka dot women’s gardening Sloggers come in sizes 6-11.

They are multi-color and are from the U.S.A.

They comprise of an exclusive “All-Day-Comfort” insole for maximum comfort and protection.

The sloggers contain a heavy duty deep-lug-tread for excellent traction on muddy and slippery surfaces.

In addition, they have a fitting of a 1/2 size inner sole to protect your feet and toes from sores and blisters.

The inner sole also ensures the shoe is a perfect fit.

The Sloggers upper material is made up of a soft, flexible material made from an odorless, medical grade which is 100% recyclable plastic.

Also,  the inner soles contain up to 50% recyclable material.

These sloggers are light weight, weighing 1.9 pounds which ensure ease of mobility.

View on Amazon


3. Sloggers 5301B10 Men’s Gardening Shoes

The Sloggers 5301B10 men’s gardening shoes are a new design meant for men who love gardening.

They come with a handsome dark brown leather print and vary in sizes from size 9-12.

The Sloggers feature contrast-piped color which enhances the unique design.

Also, they feature an exclusive “All-Day-Comfort,” inner sole.

On the bottom area, they comprise of a deep-lug-tread which offers excellent traction on the muddy and slippery ground.

They consist of 100% recyclable material. When they are worn out, you can return them to the manufacturer who will convert them into a new pair.

The Sloggers weigh 2.2 pounds this will ensure you move with ease around the garden.

View on Amazon

4. Sloggers 5301BK09 Men’s Gardening Shoes

Sloggers 5301BK09 gardening shoes is another product meant for men who do and love gardening.

They come in a handsome black leather print.

The Sloggers include an exclusive “All-Day-Comfort” insole for great comfort as yo go around doing your gardening chores.

They also include a heavy duty deep lug tread for excellent traction on muddy and slippery surfaces.

Most noteworthy, they come in any size of your choice and contain 100% recyclable material.

The Sloggers are light weight weighing at 2.1 pounds to ensure you move with ease while wearing a pair.

Other features include; keeping your feet dry, protection from feet sore, keeping your feet dry and maintaining an odorless smell after working in the garden for long hours.

View on Amazon

5. Sloggers 301GN08 Women’s Unisex Garden Sandals

Sloggers 301GN08 women’s unisex gardening sandals is a pair that can be used by both male and female.

It’s made up of lightweight material (11 ounces) ensuring comfort and free movement around the garden.

The best part?

The Slogger features exclusive patent pending ‘step in strap’ and has a very attractive unisex styling.

For fresh air round the feet, while wearing this pair of Sloggers, there are four vents on each side to allow air to circulate.

The Slogger features exclusive patent pending ‘step in strap’ and has a very attractive unisex styling.

However, the front of the sandals is solid to prevent mud, pebbles, soil and water from entering and aggravating your toes and feet.

The high rubber content ensures you’re comfortable and is slip resistant.

It comes in green color and is available in all sizes.

View on Amazon

6. Kiwi Premium Women Gardening Sloggers

Kiwi Premium women’s gardening Sloggers comprise of high-quality material which ensures durability and comfort.

The Sloggers come with a removable inner sole and a soft brushed poly liner.

They are completely waterproof and offer great support while still featuring a unique design.

These gardening Sloggers consist of an easy slip on design with a thick inner sole for your protection from hard grounds and injuries which may arise from wearing them for long hours.

They are also made wig high-quality bottom sole’s to ensure excellent traction in unpleasant terrains and surfaces.

The Sloggers come in a size of your choice and are light weight weighing at 4 pounds they ensure you move around your garden quickly.

View on Amazon

7. Tulip Pink Print Women’s Gardening Sloggers

The tulip pink print gardening Sloggers are women gardening boots made in the U.S.A.

As their name suggest, they come in a pink print color.

These boots offer maximum comfort which is made sure of by the use of ‘All-Day-Comfort” inner soles which are very thick.

Designed to be waterproof, they ensure you stay dry when going on with your gardening chores and protect your feet from mud and pebbles.

The Slogger has a low and wide opening than your regular boots.

This has been done intentionally to ensure more room for calf and pants.

Made up of a heavy-duty lug sole designed for sure-footed traction in water and mud.

The soles are durable and are 100% recyclable. It comes in a size of your choice and weighs 1.6 pounds.

View on Amazon

8. Cowabella Cow Print Slogger Gardening Boots

Cowabella Cow print Slogger gardening boots are a unique design.

As the name suggests, they are engraved with a cow print all around the boot, with a premium trim top.

The Slogger includes an exclusive “ALL-Day-Comfort” inner sole for maximum comfort.

The Sloggers comprise of a heavy duty lug tread for excellent traction on muddy, wet and slippery conditions.

They are 100% waterproof to ensure your feet stays dry while watering your plants and are very durable.

Moreover, they are easy to hose clean and dry quickly, the premium trim version has a soft trim at the top to prevent chafing.

The Sloggers consist of 100% recyclable medical grade material and have a slightly wider opening at the top to allow you tuck in your pants.

View on Amazon

9. Sloggers 2841BL07 Women’s Gardening Ankle Boots

Sloggers 2841BL07 women’s gardening ankle boots are known for their durability and print that won’t fade or rub off.

They come in blue with multi-colored flower and leaf pattern which enhances the boot design.

The Sloggers are made you of heavy-duty lug sole.

The sole offers excellent traction on slippery surfaces and maximum cushioning with an “All-Day-Comfort” inner soles.

They comprise of a medical grade recyclable rubber which ensures the protection of your feet and toes from mud and pebbles.

The material used in the inner sole is also recyclable, and the boot weighs 3 pounds.

It comes in all sizes, and it’s up to you to choose which best fits you.

View on Amazon

10. Paisley Red Women’s Tall Sloggers Gardening Boots

The paisley Red women’s gardening Sloggers are a U.S.A product.

They comprise of 100% recyclable material.

They offer maximum comfort due to their exclusive “All-Day-Comfort” inner soles that are odorless.

The best part?

The Sloggers boots are 100% waterproof and ensure your feet are dry even when working in wet grounds.

Moreover, they are  moisture wicking and anti-microbial.

It has a low and wide opening than other boots which ensure you have more room for tucking in pants.

The boots are made with an Italic design and come in color red.

They weigh 2.8 pounds which are lightweight and aids mobility.

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The above Sloggers are perfect for the gardening environment all the Sloggers are waterproof and have been custom-made to deal with the gardening condition.

They have prioritized comfort, and have done so without compromising on the elegant design of the shoes and boots.

So go  buy one for yourself or as a gift for a friend or spouse, and say goodbye to sore, smelly and dirty feet.

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