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Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower Review (FG5E2800MICHR)

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Our daily activities are not complete without proper storage.

We need to store our tools and equipment safely to not only allow easy access but facilitate safety.

You’re going to learn about a tool tower that facilitates this.

The Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower is a rack that allows the organization and storage of tools. The tool rack is able to handle about 40 tools.

That’s not all.

Like the name suggests, it is a product of the Rubbermaid Company.

Before you buy this product, you have to consider the number and type of tools that you have. This is because the deluxe tool tower is only suitable for long-handled garden tools.

However, it can also be used to store other types of tools and equipment such as sporting and fishing equipment.

The Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower Review will enable you determine whether this tool tower will meet your storage needs.

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Product features

Has a base made with a grid pattern that holds the tools and keeps them from sliding off.

It has four wheels that allow movement of the tool tower from one place to another. The casters or wheels can be looked in place when needed.

Another feature is the front clips that allow speedy access to the sides. Together with the curved tubing, the front clips allow the head-down storage and stability when using the tower.

This product has the molded holders of the electric cord and weed trimmer feature which is great because it makes the tower convenient to use. The Rubbermaid Deluxe tool tower is able to organize and store over 40 tools.

What’s more, the tool tower can be located outdoors as long as the section is covered to protect from weather elements.

The tool tower is sturdy and durableThe sun ends up destroying/weakening the plastic over time.
The product can be placed outdoors as long as it is shadedThe wheels provided are of low quality
A majority of the tools fit perfectly in the tool towerToo many heavy tools makes the plastic bend
The wheels of the tower allow roll easily and facilitate easy movement
The tower makes the storage area more organized and safe
It does not dent, rust or peel
Takes a short period to assemble and does not need additional tools
It is very light weight and easy to move

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Similar products

Rubbermaid 30-Tool Corner Tool Rack (FG5A4700MICHR)

The Rubbermaid 30-Tool Corner Tool Rack (FG5A4700MICHR) is made of sturdy plastic construction that is lightweight and effortless to move.

It has a stable large base which minimizes the chances of it tipping over.

It also has integrated holes at the top that allows you to anchor the tower on the wall.

This product measures 32 inches by 18 inches by 20 inches.

It is able to organize and store about 30 tools which allows optimal use of space.


  • Easy assemblage without the use of tools
  • It is made of high-quality plastic
  • The product is durable and reliable
  • The rack does not dent, rot, rust or peel
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Suncast RTC1000 Rolling Tool Cart

Unlike the other products this tool cart is a product of the Suncast Company.

The cart is able to handle about 30 tools. Out of the 30 tools, 20 should be large and 17 small in size.

It has 4 wheels and quality casters for movement.

Moreover, it has a clip that allows side access to the rack.

It has legs made with a steel core structure while the top and bottom sections are made of plastic.

The storage slots of the cart are mounted back to back to allow convenience of getting a tool without affecting the others.


  • Stores and organizes tools freeing out space
  • The product is sturdy and supports without bowing or racking
  • It is durable and flexible
  • It makes tools accessible through a number of sides
  • Easy to assemble without the use of additional tools


  • The casters are of low quality and don’t hold for constant use
  • If not properly arranged, the tools get tangled together making it hard to access
  • It is not suitable for all types of tools for example loppers

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The Rubbermaid deluxe Tool is among the best tool racks in the market.

It is able to organize and store more than 40 tools be it gardening, sports or fishing equipment. Also, with proper storage, it is durable and reliable.

Other similar products that perform as well as the deluxe include the Rubbermaid 30-Tool Corner Tool Rack (FG5A4700MICHR) and the Suncast RTC1000 Rolling Tool Cart.

Check out the products today and choose the one that meets your needs depending on the number and types of tools you have.


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