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Best Rain Barrels Review & Buying Guide

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Do you use a lot of water? Are you looking to reduce water costs?

We have a solution for you.

Have you thought of purchasing a rain barrel? If not, consider setting aside some money to buy one or two barrels to store water.

Studies show that a lot of water goes to waste since most people do not have storage to tap it.

With rain barrels, you will be in a position to store water to use on your garden during water restrictions and drought.

Before you buy any product, make sure you understand how to choose the best rain barrel for use.

There are many types of rain barrels available in the market, but the one you choose will depend on your preferences.

Before you add this item to your shopping cart, it is important to know what you are looking for in a rain barrel. This way, you will avoid dissatisfaction.

Rain Barrel Capacity (gallons)Price 
Emergency Essentials Water Barrel - 55 Gallon Drum55$View on Amazon
Good Ideas RWURN Rain Wizard Rain Barrel Urn65$$$$View on Amazon
RTS Home Accents Rain Water Collection Barrel 50$$$View on Amazon
Algreen 81001 Cascata Rain Water Collection and Storage System65$$$$$View on Amazon
Enviro World Corporation- 55 Gallon Rain Barrel55$$View on Amazon
Achla Designs RB-01 Green Rain Barrel54$$$$$View on Amazon
Suncast RB50D 50-Gallon Rain Barrel50$$View on Amazon

Factors to consider when purchasing a rain barrel

Just like other gardening equipment and tools, rain barrels have features and qualities that you should not ignore. Make sure you consider every one of them so that you secure the best one.


The material that makes your barrel is one of the crucial factors.

A good rain barrel should be built with durable material and sturdy structure.

Most noteworthy, the material will determine the efficiency of your container in conserving rain water.

Nowadays, manufacturers are using high-quality industrial plastic to make barrels since it has more durability and damage resistance.

Do not buy barrels made from wood; they will grow mold and deteriorate.

The good thing about plastic rain barrels is that they do not offer breeding grounds for insects.

Besides, these barrels are able to withstand harsh conditions more than the wooden ones.


The design of you barrel maters since it dictates factors such as safety.

Ensure you choose a barrel that can support a lot of weight and has good friction.

Barrels with no friction are difficult to carry or handle; this means that they can cause accidents.

If possible, choose a rain barrel that has a flat back design. This design will help minimize the probability of your barrel tipping over.

Price and warranty

Before you decide on the best rain barrel to buy, you have to think about the price and warranty offered.

Each brand will differ in terms of cost, and it’s upon you to choose according to your budget.

Make sure the tool has a warranty so that you can return it if there is any defect.

Most rain barrels will serve the same purpose; just ensure that you buy one with great features as long as it is within your budget.

Always remember that the price does not determine the quality of a rain barrel, therefore, base your choice on material and features first.

Check for the overflow valve

When shopping for the best rain barrels, always ensure they have an overflow valve. Most traditional designs do not come with the valve but the latest models will always include this feature.

The overflow will control the flow of water once your barrel gets full. This way, your barrel will not overflow with water.

Safety and hygiene

Safety and hygiene are factors that you cannot avoid.

One way to ensure that your barrel meets safety and hygiene standards is by choosing the right material.

Plastic material will keep your water clean and free from germs.

On the other hand, barrels made from wood can disintegrate quickly thus harboring mold and bacteria.

Moreover, you should buy a barrel that has a top cover, this way you can always seal it and keep the water clean.

Benefits of having a Rain barrel

Rain barrels have a couple of benefits that you may not know. In fact, most people think that its only purpose is conserving water. Below are other benefits that you should know

  • Helps conserve water which would otherwise be lost through run-offs
  • Save money which you could us to pay water bill.
  • It will reduce water that goes to the sewage system
  • You’ll still have water during droughts
  • The barrels will provide you with the best water for your plants.

Review of some of the best rain barrels;

1. Emergency Essentials Water Barrel – 55 Gallon Drum

If you are looking for a durable rain barrel, the Emergency Essentials barrel will be a good option.

Amazingly, when you purchase this product, you will not have to pay for shipping costs.

This barrel has a dark blue color that controls light as well as prevent the growth of bacteria and algae.

The product is BPA free and FDA approved therefore, you do not have to worry about safety and hygiene issues.

Another awesome feature is that its capacity can hold enough water for cooking, drinking and light sanitation for a family of four members.

This means the barrel can support a family for two weeks.

Finally, this drum is made from heavy-duty and high molecular weight polyethylene.


  • It can hold enough water for consumption during drought
  • The design allows to control the growth of algae and bacteria
  • It is durable


  • It does not have handle to aid in transportation
  • You have to use a siphon or hand pump to extract water
View on Amazon

2. Good Ideas RWURN Rain Wizard Rain Barrel Urn

Having a rain barrel that has a unique design will give you the best feeling.

Luckily, the Wizard Rain barrel is designed with a unique shape which resembles an urn.

This design adds a taste of sophistication and style to your rain collecting barrel.

The best part? This barrel is fitted with a planter on top to help channel excess water and prevent root rot.

Besides, it is sold together with a mesh screen that will keep out particles and insects from contaminating your water.

The other unique feature about the Wizard Rain Barrel is that it has a flat back design that helps keep the tool supported.

You can place this container next to the wall to prevent it from falling.


  • It’s well-built and unique
  • Easy to install
  • Has a flat back to keep it supported by your wall
  • It is designed to keep out dirt and insects from contaminating the water


  • Does not come with a faucet to seal
  • The downspout does not work properly
View on Amazon

3. RTS Home Accents Rain Water Collection Barrel 

The RTS rain barrel offers a great solution to your water shortage problems.

It is designed to have an oak barrel texture that does not rot, fade or attract insects.

There’s more.

The rain barrel has a flat back design that enables it to lean on the wall thus increasing overall stability.

In addition, it is fitted with a screen that sieves the water and keeps out insects.

Besides, it has a shut off valve that you could use to connect your hoses with a dual overflow.

The RTS Barrels can hold 50 gallons of water which is enough to sustain your family for one or two weeks.

Also, its front side has an overflow valve thus you don’t have to worry about your wall getting spoiled.

Most noteworthy, this barrel has an optional stand to help you balance the tanks.


  • The barrel allows you to link up multiple barrels to increase storage
  • It is easy to set up as long as you follow the instructions
  • Does not leak around faucet
  • It is easy to balance


  • The back bends when the barrel is full
  • The front overflow does not match with the entire design
View on Amazon

4. Algreen 81001 Cascata Rain Water Collection and Storage System

The Algreen 81001 is one of the few barrels that is made with ceramics that has equal strength to modern day plastic.

This water collector has a capacity of 65 gallons therefore; it can hold a significant amount of water for garden use.

The best part?

Its material is built to withstand high and low temperatures without fading or cracking.

Moreover, the barrel comes together with a screen guard to keep your water safe; this guard is resistant to corrosion.

Other key features that you’’ note includes the removable crown planter, a foot hose fitted with a shutoff nozzle and a brass colored spigot.

The size of the Algreen 81001 is around 24 by 46 inches.


  • It is unique and durable
  • Its features are worth the price
  • Comes with a cool planter
  • Easy to assemble


  • Does not have an overflow valve
  • The drain hose is sub-standard
View on Amazon

5. Enviro World Corporation- 55 Gallon Rain Barrel

There are many reasons why you need to buy the Enviro World Corporation rain barrel.

For starters, it is sleek and is designed to fit in any part of your home.

That’s not all..

Its flat back is designed in a way that the barrel can fit in a corner without problems.

This barrel has a spigot that can accommodate watering cans of various sizes.

Also, it is made with quality material to keep it looking new and clean for years.

Unlike other imitations, the Enviro World Barrel will rarely wear out.

In addition, this amazing rain barrel can hold up to 208 litres of water.

It comes with two sided overflow valves to allow you connect additional containers from both ends.

Invest in this rain collection system and your plants will enjoy t natural rain water at all times.


  • It comes with 3 spigot mounting stands
  • Has a flat back to minimize accidents
  • Its special plastic material can maintain a new and clean look for years
  • Has a spigot that can hold more water


  • It’s difficult to tighten the spigot
  • The spigot is not made with brass
View on Amazon

6. Achla Designs RB-01 Green Rain Barrel

Maximize rainwater harvesting buy investing in the Achla Design RB-01 rain barrel.

It is known to be one of the best barrels you could use to store water.

Featuring a conspicuous and stylish green colour, it will match and blend well outdoors.

It is made from UV stable polythene which makes it durable and one of a kind.

This awesome gardening tool can withstand harsh conditions such as rain and heat without breaking or wearing out.

Although it appears small, it can hold 54 gallon of water.

With this rain barrel, you will be able to recycle a lot of water for your outdoor activities.

Its high pressure outlets allow you to link two or more tanks to maximize your storage.

In addition, it comes with a debris screen that helps keep your water clean. Finally, it has a hose that helps drain excess water thus preventing overflow.


  • Has a stylish green theme
  • Has a cleanable debris screen
  • Can hold 54 gallons of water
  • Strong and durable material
  • Has high-pressure outlets


  • The screen does not fit well
View on Amazon

7. Suncast RB50D 50-Gallon Rain Barrel

Do you know that you receive a 29 x 29 x 26-inch rain barrel every time you purchase a Suncase RB50D?

Well, this is a crazy offer that you should not ignore considering the price that people pay to have one.

This rain barrel has a stylish taupe theme that complements your home.

Besides it is made using food-safe resin plastic that maintains the purity of your water for days.

It is lightweight thus you can move it effortlessly without problems.

To sum it up, it has a leader hose to facilitate easy emptying. Buy yours today and get to enjoy its benefits.


  • Comes with a tight sealing lid
  • It has a lightweight design
  • Made with strong resin plastic
  • Has a classic taupe theme
  • Keeps your water pure for long


  • It has no disadvantage
View on Amazon


Once you realize the importance of conserving and harvesting water, you’ll not hesitate to invest in a good rain barrel.

You do not have to waste water if you have the option of harvesting and storing it in a rain barrel.

There are hundreds of rain barrels out there, make sure you follow our buyer’s guide when choosing the best one for you.

Choose one with the right type of material, design and features and you’ll never be disappointed.

In case you need to know more about the rain barrels, make sure you contact the respective dealers and you’ll get the help you need.


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