Best soil pH testing kits- Review & Buying Guide

As a farmer, you want to ensure that your plants grow and produce the best both in quality and quantity.

For that to happen, soil pH testing may be the most important thing you have to do.

If you do not know the pH of the soil you plan to grow crops in, you may end up losing thousands of dollars and you will not benefit from the crops you grow.

Soil testing is recommended by soil specialists.

Of course, most people assume that it will take a lot of time and cost a lot of money. The truth is that it [...]  Continue Reading


Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower Review (FG5E2800MICHR)

Our daily activities are not complete without proper storage.

We need to store our tools and equipment safely to not only allow easy access but facilitate safety.

You’re going to learn about a tool tower that facilitates this.

The Rubbermaid Deluxe Tool Tower is a rack that allows the organization and storage of tools. The tool rack is able to handle about 40 tools.

That’s not all.

Like the name suggests, it is a product of the Rubbermaid Company.

Before you buy this product, you have to [...]  Continue Reading


Best Fruits, Veggies & Herbs To Grow In Containers

Do you love taking healthy fruits and veggies? Are you tired of constantly taking trips to the grocery store to buy your fruits and veggies? Do you have limited space for gardening? Do you still feel the need to garden anyway? If your answers to all these questions are yes, then a great solution is here for you. The aim of this article is to introduce you to container gardening. Container gardening can be simply defined as growing a variety of fruits and vegetables in containers. There are a number [...]  Continue Reading


Best Nitrile Gardening Gloves Review

“Gardeners know all the best dirt.”

Gardening prehistorically is referred as work that gets your ‘hands dirty,’. This is due to the nature of work involved often dealing with mud, manure, and weeds.

What’s more, this fact has often discouraged some from doing gardening, but of late the inventions of  nitrile  gloves custom made to fit gardening activities has changed the straining with dirt.

Nitrile gardening gloves are made to protect you from thorns, poisonous weeds, [...]  Continue Reading


Best Gardening Sloggers Review

Gardening involves dealing with wet, muddy and slippery surfaces.


That’s where a pair of Sloggers come in handy.

Sloggers are gardening shoes made to offer comfort while keeping your feet relaxed and dry throughout the long hours spent in your garden.

They are made up of waterproof material, thick inner soles and a deep-lug-tread to ensure enough traction to avoid slipping which may cause life-threatening injuries.

Below you’ll find a list of the best Sloggers shoes and boots in the [...]  Continue Reading


Best Gardening Gifts for Women

Choosing a thoughtful gift is not always an easy task. This is especially for female gardeners to show appreciation.

Having this is in mind, we saw it fit to help in choosing the best gardening gift for women.

The lady in question maybe your; mother, girlfriend, female colleague or grandma.

A good gift has to be unique, efficient and be durable. This enables that special someone to always remember you each time she is using your gift.

It’s, for this reason, I will share some gifts for gardeners [...]  Continue Reading


Best Gardening Knee Pads Review

You’ll agree that kneeling when gardening can have some negative effects on your body.

Most people who do gardening understand the pain that comes with kneeling down for hours doing what they love.

The activities that involve kneeling range  from weeding their plants to planting, pruning, soil testing among other gardening activities.

The effects range from knee blisters, knee pains and dirty clothes. Moreover, it may result to the knee pain when walking or bending.

The good news..

This challenge [...]  Continue Reading


Best Gardening Rubbermaid Wheelbarrow- Plastic Wheelbarrow

Rubbermaid wheelbarrow

If you’re like me, you find it convenient to have your gardening supplies within reach.

Having this in mind, I would like to introduce gardening the Rubbermaid wheelbarrow.

There’s nothing as good as being able to move around with the necessary tools, seeds, and equipment is key when undertaking the different gardening activities.

The good thing is..

Products such as garden carts and gardeners wheelbarrows come in handy to create the convenience.

So, which transportation device is well [...]  Continue Reading