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Best Electronic Mouse Trap Review

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An electronic mouse trap is the most effective mouse trap in the market since it has the highest success rate. However, to achieve the success rate, the use of more than one electronic trap is advised.

If you’ve been wondering how to get rid if rats/mouse, the mechanism of these products is simple.

It involves opening the lid and putting the bait in place. The bait is located at the back section of the trap. The positioning of this bait area at the end is strategic as it forces the rat to enter the chamber fully.

Upon entering, there is a sensor that triggers leading to the emission of high voltage that quickly kills the rat through electrocution. Most noteworthy, disposal of the killed rat is simple as it requires the user to flip the lid and empty.

Review of the best electronic mouse traps

ProductPowerKills per battery setVoltage (Volts)UsePrice 
Victor Electronic Mouse Trap M2524AA Batteries1005500Indoor$$$View on Amazon
Eliminator Robust Electronic Rat and Rodent Trap Plug in
D Batteries
Unlimited kills

7000Indoor & Outdoor$$$$View on Amazon
Pestrax Electronic Mouse Trap D cell Batteries307000Indoor & Outdoor$$$$View on Amazon
Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap RZC001AA Batteries208000Indoor$$$$$View on Amazon

Victor Electronic Mouse Trap M2524

victor electronic mouse trap

The Victor electronic mouse trap is an electronic device that kills mice within 5 seconds using high-voltage shock.

The tunnel design of the trap ensures that the mouse enters the trap all the way minimizing the chances of escape. Moreover, the bait trough is also located at the back wall to lead the animal to the metal plates.

The product has a smart circuit technology that senses the mouse when it steps on the metal plate. After the detection, an instant shock is delivered for an effective, quick and humane kill.

The electronic trap kills one mouse per setting. Most noteworthy, it is able to kill 100 rats for every set of four batteries if AA size.

There are indicator lights to guide the user when setting up and using the trap. Once there is a kill, a green light indicates at the top of the trap. Furthermore, the light may stay on for seven days.

A red indicator light shows that the batteries are running low and replacement is required. It is a safe indoor use only product since it has built in safety switch to protect pets and children.

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Eliminator Robust Electronic Rat and Rodent Trap

The rat trap is an upgrade that is suitable for killing mice, rats, chipmunks, squirrels and related rodents.

It is an accurate product that has a precision detention technology that instantly activates to kill the rodents. The procedure to use is quick and easy. It involves placing the batteries, placing the bait and setting the trap in the right location.

The use of the trap is also safe since the use of poison or chemicals is not required. Furthermore, no mess is created as there is no blood or other discharge.

Also, disposing of the rodent does not require touching it. Powering the electronic trap is either using batteries or electricity.

It comes with a plug-in adapter 3-feet long allowing unlimited kills. The batteries for use are D size that allow 30 plus kills per set.

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Pestrax Electronic Mouse Trap 

The rodent killer is a product from Pestrax. It has a rodent smart circuit technology that prevents the escape of the rat.

There is a smart wireless circuit sensor that detects when the rodent enters the tunnel of the trap.

The trap has a voltage of 7000 that instantly shocks and kills humanely. Like the other traps, it is safe and child-safe since there is no use of chemicals.

One of the reasons why this electronic mouse trap is recommended is that it can be utilized in indoor or outdoor spaces.

The trap utilizes four batteries of size D that are capable of killing 30 rodents. The remote indicator with a flashing LED light shows when the trap has operated. A red light shows a rodent has been caught and turns green when the kill is complete.

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Rat Zapper Classic Rat Trap RZC001

The rat zapper electronic trap is suitable for mice and rats of average size.

It is a humane method of eliminating rats since the killing is quick using high voltage. It delivers a voltage of 8000 volts for two minutes.

The bait is placed at the back wall of the trap to lure the mouse inside the chamber to the metal plates.

It utilizes AA batteries four in number. A set of batteries is capable of killing 20 rats. The trap is only suitable for indoor and shaded areas such as attics, basements, garage and sheds.

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How to use an Electronic Mouse Trap

Once you have the trap, remove the battery cover and place the batteries in the compartment. Use a toothpick to place a small amount of bait such as peanut butter on the bait trough. Place the trap in an area where the mice frequent. Ensure that the trap is located along the edge of a wall or room.

Flip the switch on. Shortly, a green light will show and a buzzing sound produced to indicate functioning and you are set. Leave the trap and continuously monitor for any mouse caught.

When a mouse is caught, easily dump the rat directly into the trash. You do not have to touch or see the dead animal.

A few important things to note is that you should not over bait the trough since it might interfere with the metal plates minimizing the success rate.

Also, clean the metal plates thoroughly to remove any liquid or hair from the killed rodent. Also, ensure there is no dust that accumulates. Any traces of debris inhibits the flow of voltage.


  1. Cheri Isom

    Great list of Electric Mouse Traps. The Victor Electric Mouse Trap works like magic for me. I’m using the Victor M250S model in my house to get rid of rats.
    Thanks for helpful sharing.

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