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     1. Content Writing

Are you looking for a professional to create relevant SEO content for your website or blog that answers the questions your visitors have? If this is you, my content writing services will do. I can write on topics specifically related to gardening, health & wellness, business, and travel. I can turn complex information into simple language that users understand and in turn, leads to sales.

My rate for this service starts at $0.06 per word and above. The rate depends on complexity, length, and urgency.

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      2. Product Review Writing

Affiliate marketing is one of the great ways to create a source of passive income. One is able to make sales through the blog by creating compelling reviews of products. Research has shown that about 88% of users trust online reviews just as much as recommendations from friends.

You will get great content that describes the product features, the benefits and a guide. Remember that if you have this done right your work on the niche site is half done. Keyword focused and informative money articles increase sales by up to 18%.

Get in touch to get my rate depending on your needs.

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          3. Ghost writing

Do you need content for your blog but you’re not a great writer? Do you have a concept of what you need written but have no idea how to go about it? If this is you, my ghost writing services are ideal for you. I will write content for you utilizing any resources you have and through research.

My rate is $0.1 per word and above. Again, it depends on  your specifications.