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Best Outdoor Laser Lights Review

outdoor laser lights

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Out with the old, in with the new – laser lights are the all the rage during holidays! If you haven’t met them, don’t get intimidated. We are just about to present the best outdoor laser lights to you!

First things, first:

What really are holiday laser lights?

Simply, they are a fascinating lighting system equipped with spectacular lighting effects designed to magically decorate your house during celebrations.

If you want to rise to the occasion and amaze your guests next time you have a party, outdoor laser lights are the real deal.

And Santa likes them. He not only prioritizes visiting your house, he also stays longer leaving you full of gifts!

Now, outdoor laser light projectors are pretty new in the market;

The first lot, popularly known as star laser lights came about just in 2015- that’s just the other day. Interestingly, they sold like hotcakes.

Since then- and as you would expect-, a lot of brands have emerged to compete with the star and claim a piece of the pie. This is both good and bad:

Good because you have variety to match almost any imaginable taste, but also ‘bad’ because it’s now much harder to pick the best outdoor laser lights.

And that is precisely why we decided to do a review of the trending best outdoor laser lights.

We initially had a total of 50 holiday laser lights under observation and with the help of a team of lighting experts, managed to reduce this to the following lucky top best outdoor laser lights.

By the way Santa is coming so enjoy the groovy train! When he eventually arrives, he should find you fully armed with the very best star laser lights

Reviews of The Best Outdoor Laser Lights

Laser lightSuitabilityLaser lights colorsPrice 
1byone Projection Landscape DecorationOutdoor2$View on Amazon
Star Shower TV Motion Lights ProjectorIndoor and Outdoor2$$View on Amazon
Laser Lights Star LED ProjectorIndoor and Outdoor3$$$View on Amazon
Lighting Projector for Halloween DecorationIndoor and outdoor7$$$$View on Amazon
Red Star Laser LED ProjectorIndoor and outdoor3$$$View on Amazon
Motion Star Night Shower ProjectorOutdoor4$$$$View on Amazon
SROCKER Waterproof Holiday ProjectorIndoor and outdoor2$$$$$View on Amazon

1.   1byone Projection Landscape Decoration

You get the best results if you can decorate a larger area. The 1byone Laser Light illuminates a pretty huge area with thousands of blight, blissful stars.

Also, you get a total of 10 different patterns- some moving, others still frame.

Not only that:  The patterns comprise of stars, illuminated decorati trees, shining dots and more. Don’t forget that it projects in red and green.

This instantly transforms your yard, halls and children’s bedroom into one fantastic colored party zone!

Even the weather can’t dim your holiday mood- these holiday laser lights continue to shine even in bad weather!

Key features:

  • Weatherproof
  • 2 Colors, 10 Light Effects and 2 Patterns
  • All-purpose Single Button Control
  • Black
  • Built to last

What we liked

  • Easily switches light modes, colors and patterns

You can move from one mode to the next by pressing the button

  • You can use it indoors as well as outdoors

It shines inside the house and also in the garden without needing additional accessories

  • One button easily control everything

The button is strategically positioned so that you can reach it easily plus it manages all the settings

  • Durable

It gives you longer service compared with competing traditional string lights

  • Variety

You get a total of 10 different color patterns to choose from

What we didn’t like

  • It takes a little longer to warm up especially with lower temperature

What reviewers are saying

Reviews for the 1byone projection landscape decoration projector goes to confirm what we already know- that its an awesome addition to your holiday. Here are is a cross section of views:

The lights are sharp and very precise: users have reported that the laser lights are pixel sharp. You can clearly see the cute patterns even from a distant

These are really cool: do you remember that it has 10 awesome patterns to select from? This seems to excite a lot of users

It’s so simple to mount and operate:  When asked if they do normally struggle to fix this bright laser light projector, customers unanimously agreed that this is one of the easiest ever

This has a strong build and is top quality: A few users have reported it’s of high quality contrary to what they expected seeing its low price.

View on Amazon

 2.  Star Shower TV Motion Lights Projector

When time comes to holiday, you can choose to have more fun by turning on a dazzling, unique style sure to brighten even the darkest corners with never seen again aesthetics.

The most amazing thing about the stars dance lights projector is that you control everything with just one click.

Then, the extra-long stick allows you to fix it anywhere in your yard, and create a photogenic explosion of thousands of red & green stars all dancing in perfect motion

It still has weather tolerant holographic design so you can party come rain, or come shine.

Key features:

  • 2 Laser Modes- dancing colors or still laser
  • Magic Click Button
  • Weather Resistant
  • Illuminates up to 3200 Sq. Ft.
  • Indoors and Outdoors

What we liked:

·         The Button works like magic

You just click to watch a thousand stars dance and similarly just press if you feel like you want to change to a still laser display.

·         The built-in perfectly controls day and night

You don’t have to worry about the effects of daylight or night darkness on your projection. The sensor automatically turns it on night and puts it off during daytime.

·         Performs as expected

This is one of the star laser lights  that have been assessed for functionality by the good housekeeping institute and certified as exceeding performance expectations.

·         Wide range illumination

The holographic lights can shine over 100 yards from where they have been installed and also shower light across a whole 3200 square feet area.

·         Energy Efficient

I like products which save me money.  This star light outdoor projector is a lazy power consumer so it saves electricity costs.

What we didn’t like:

  • The lights really don’t look bright enough unless you are nearby or you buy two.

What reviewers say:

As usual, we sought the opinion of previous clients. And they seem to concur with us. See what they are saying:

You can’t get enough adjectives to describe this beauty: The scenery created by this laser projector awes even the hardest to impress fellows. Everyone seems to fall in love with them

What an amazing price: Users also like the fact that it’s so affordable despite its greatness

Very easy to install: Generally, users hate wasting time figuring out how to install or operate laser projectors. The fact that it’s easy to install wins it more points.

View on Amazon

 3. Laser Lights Star LED Projector

This holiday projector is light, with good looks, and has a durable metal shell.

It’s very good in heat dissipation, and assures of long life.

On matters installation, it gives you freedom of choice: You are free to mount it on a wall, the ground or on a tripod

It’s more convenient, as it includes a remote control and an automatic timer to control day/night behavior.

Don’t forget you can also choose your best design: red or green designs.

See? Let the name not confuse you.

This is a mainstay- it will be there to shower fun during all holidays.

We won’t be surprised if this emerges as a favorite among the contenders for the best outdoor laser lights

Key features

  • 180°Adjustable Angle
  • Metal housing
  • Remote controlled
  • Automatic timer
  • Certified safe
  • Multiple mounting options

What we liked

  • It is durable

Metal housing makes it efficient in heat dissipation, thus it will give you longer service

  • Remote controlled

You just set the remote to control the speed of the projection, or switch from slow, to medium, or to fast mode. You can also set it to operate in either fixed or closed mode

  • Water , sun resistant

A little rain/water won’t do any harm. But obviously avoid soaking it otherwise you permanently destroy it. Remember it also withstands direct sunlight

  • Great both indoors and outdoors

Its 180°Adjustable Angle lets your home shine with plenty of beautiful snow lighting regardless of where you site hence it excels both indoors and outdoors

  • For all parties

From staff parties, to your annual thanksgiving days, Halloween, lovely-filed valentine’s, wedding parties, and even for pure garden decoration, it will always be ready to add life to your events

  • Automatically turn on-off

It has an automatic timer so you can set it to automatically turn on/off after a few hours save time and energy.

What we didn’t like

  • The green laser doesn’t seem very durable., it sometimes works intermittently

What reviewers say

Most of the clients seem to be impressed by the convenience you get from the remote control. But they still have more to say:

These lights work exactly as described: Clients confirm that the projector met their expectations

I love its different shapes: The fact that they keep changing the shape on display makes them more interesting

The colors are very exciting: the colors seem to be very warm and exhilarating

View on Amazon

4. Lighting Projector for Halloween Decoration

This promised and actually delivers the brightest illumination. Be it on your garden, tablets or tree, this is a proven Holiday Projector Light

In addition to giving your parties the brightest radiance, you will also find it easier to install and has a Longer Life.

This is another favorite from the contemporary outdoor laser lights compilation thanks to its very unique features.

I am talking of it being Shock, vibration and temperature resistant. Further, it spreads lights equally in all directions effectively removing all black spots. Still, it’s not dimmed by water, cold, or snow!

Finally, expect it to dazzle from approximately 49 ft. and within 2100 sq. area.

Key features

  • Made of durable, high-impact, compact and water-proof metal material
  • 360 degrees wall-penetrating remote control
  • 7 colors, 2 modes, 3 different speeds.
  • Large coverage – to 2100 ft. long.
  • tempered glass lens
  • Matte Black
  • Shock, vibration and temperature resistant

What we liked

  • This is very durable

Remember it’s made of durable, high-impact, and compact metal material

  • Resists adversity

Whether its heat, cold, rain, or floods, it fights them all.

  • Spreads its beauty equally

Its LED lights distributes lights equally in all directions and clears black spots that may linger in some areas

  • Energy conscious

This outdoor laser light is energy efficient. It consumes very little power

  • Shines brighter

It has high-definition lens which guarantees brighter, clearer colors

  • Powerful remote control

Its wireless RF remote control can reach as far as 16 yards.

What we didn’t like

  • It might cost a little more

What reviews say:

The lighting Projector for Halloween Decoration has handsomely won itself quite a following thanks to its exploits. Its multiple patterns and mighty remote seems to be the most praised features.  Here is what the fans are saying:

This is brighter: Thanks to the High-definition, tempered glass lens you get to enjoy more color and life

The remote control has a wider range: The RF remote can penetrate walls and control the light projectors from as far as 16 yards

It works despite the rain: Its battle hardened. You can continue partying whether it’s freezing, or raining.

View on Amazon

5. Red Star Laser LED Projector

Among the other outdoor laser lights, this super-thrilled us with its kaleidoscope-like patterns.

You know, it sort of comes suddenly together and then intelligently sprinkles its colors to every other corner.

The rest of its effects are also very nice so you are guaranteed of a one big unforgettable spectacle that makes your guests instantly light up with joy.

Key features

  • Auto-timer (2H,4H,8H)
  • Adjustable Angle : Maximum 180º
  • Coverage: 2000 square feet
  • FDA certified, additional safety
  • Color: Black
  • Durable metal
  • Snowfall projection

What we liked

  • Charming Star colors

This has more charming star colors. It leaves a lasting impression on your family and friends.

  • Convenient remote control

The RF remote controller allows you to select your preferred light modes and speed from a distance.

  • Timer function

The remote has a timer which helps lower electricity costs. Also, you don’t waste your efforts and time turning it on/off manually.

  • Safe and convenient

You are safe since you don’t have to hang precariously as you climb ladders to set up dangerous string lights. Plus you enjoy convenience as it’s simple to install

  • Mount it anywhere

You can mount wherever you like- outdoors, on walls or indoors using the tripod

  • Weather resistant

All star laser lights are created from high-quality materials which are as well dust-proof, waterproof, sun-proof, and snow-proof.

What we don’t like

  • Whenever the temperatures drop to the negatives, the lights delay in turning on as they have to warm before projecting any colors.
  • It’s not rechargeable- works only when plugged in

What reviews say:

Incidentally, clients like this outdoor laser lights’ ability to tolerate bad weather and gorgeous color more than anything else;

Here are some of the comments;

Work excellently in harsh environment: this laser light work well even in the harshest environment- in snow, in driving rain and in freezing temperature environments.

The colors are exceedingly gorgeous:  you will get extra vibrant color showers covering every inch of your home.

This is an affordable laser projector:  It comes at a reasonable price

View on Amazon

6. Motion Star Night Shower Projector

If you want your neighbors to turn green with envy, create a rainbow of colors – one they have never witnessed!

You think this is hard?

Not at all- you just pick the very best outdoor laser lights

The motion star projector’s patterns decorate your party zone and produces a lighting master class earning you a standing ovation from all privileged to witness the spectacle.

Anyway, being a premier outdoor projector fully equipped with advanced dots-pattern generation technology, you won’t expect anything less

Some of the patterns you are treated to include snowflake, snowman, party tree, Santa Claus, cabin, jingle bells, and reindeer

And as with its peers, the dots are a mix of red and green.

Key features:

  • 8 patterns light show
  • Waterproof, dust-proof, heat dissipating metal shell design
  • Plug and play
  • Blue LED background lighting
  • High-end lighting technology
  • Timer & remote control

What we liked:

  • Meets all your decoration needs

You see this has 8 Lights Patterns- enough for Christmas, Easter, Halloween, birthday parties, anniversaries, garden decorations etc.

  • Romantic atmosphere

Its innovative blue LED backlight creates a lovely romantic atmosphere.

  • Premier quality

This is a deluxe projector light. It has a metallic shell, improved heat dissipation, compact size, and longer life.

  • Intelligent timer

The automatic timer can be set to intelligently turn off after 2h/4h/8h intervals, thus saving you time and energy

  • Weather Resistance

It is fully weather proof and won’t let rain, snow or even direct sunlight halt damage your mood.

What we didn’t like:

  • We feel that the attached cord is slightly shorter which can be inconveniencing considering that most people like to use it outdoors

What reviews say:

Other clients are full of praises for this projector light;

This is perfect for all parties: It is a jack-of-all-partying. It gives you freedom to holiday anywhere. Be it in the bar, gardens, poolside or in the church. And it delivers all year round.

It has a wider, better coverage: This is very powerful. The green & red laser projector covers majority of your desired area. It can radiate an area approximately 2100 sq. ft.

Gives you more functions: It has a more personalized settings like the smart time and intelligent remote control.

View on Amazon

7. SROCKER Waterproof Holiday Projector

The Srocker waterproof holiday projector is a plug and play color toolbox.

It can project thousands of lively light spots to color your parties, house, lawn, outdoor garden, water surfaces and every other holiday site.

You will relieve the famous firefly show:

Its recreates the fireflies spectacular show- the sort they create as they dance magically at night

Not only this: It renders one of the brightest display and wider coverage and comes with an enhanced 24 hour system timer

Key features:

  • Built-in sturdier, brighter professional lasers
  • Latest RF remote control
  • Automatic Built-in 24-hour timer
  • Made of Aluminum
  • Firefly show

What we liked:

  • Automatic 24 hour system time

The built-in 24-hour timer starts automatically as per your settings

  • 2 sturdy bases

This projector comes with 2 bases; one to stick on the ground when using it outdoors and another one with a flat base to place on the flat surfaces (floor or cabinet) when using it indoors.

  • Moving RGB light dots

Its RGB light dots keep moving smoothly to create a huge wonderful illumination while enabling it to cover a huge area effectively

  • Well-made

Its body is made of top quality aluminum, water-proof body, and excellently adapts to severe weather.

  • Unique Firefly show

Its display creates a show akin to that created by fireflies in pitch darkness as they dance melodically weaving their magic through a clear night sky.

What we didn’t like:

  • In case of an outage, you have to manually reset the timer
  • This “firefly” light projector costs a little bit more

What reviews say:

Just to be sure, we sought to know what clients think about this unique “firefly” show light projector and boy, many seems to be very impressed as you can see next;

You can easily swap the patterns: With the accompanying remote control, you can adjust the displayed patterns to what pleases your eye

Excellent coverage plus illumination: The red and green colors are so vibrant and shine further and wider.

This laser is very elaborate: Has more controls like speed and automatic turn on/off in addition to feeling   sturdier and more durable.

View on Amazon

Buying guide:

Now, we consider the above outdoor laser lights to be among the most reliable and function. But it’s practically impossible to buy all the seven. So, why do you pick your perfect match?

Here is what to consider:

Settings of your device

A timer and a remote controller are important for outdoor use. The timer allows you to set it to auto on/off thus minimizing adjustments.

The remote allows you to manage things from a distance conveniently.

Also, laser lights which are plug and play or easier to install are great.

All these in the end, let you concentrate on what matters – the fun.

Check whether replacement bulbs are available

If you buy a rare projector, getting replacement parts will prove a hassle. Go for popular, but functional star laser lights

Cold weather support

Low temperatures, driving rain, or snowing shouldn’t halt the fun.  Pick a laser light which is fully adaptable to harsh weather. The best outdoor laser lights automatically adjust to bad weather.

Unique Experience

You no doubt want to have a memorable holiday. You therefore ought to pick a Light projector which creates a sight to behold.

Coverage Area

You would want a projector that can extend the display to cover your entire house, and still look sharp even from a reasonable distance.

Most manufacturers clearly indicate expected coverage width and distance. Use these as a guide.

Energy Savings

It’s a holiday and you want to remain with some dollars on the table at the end of it all. Doesn’t therefore make sense that you go for an energy-efficient outdoor laser lights projector, one that ensures that your electric bill doesn’t go north?

So, here is the Gold medalist!

We had tested 50 holiday laser lights but there can only be one winner. With the help of our experts, ladies and gentlemen, the clear gold medal winner from our best outdoor laser lights compilation is the Star Shower TV Motion Lights Projector.

The New York Times and CNN describe the star shower as a big hit laser light projector that will revolutionize the industry.

This projector creates a unique experience by showing thousands of colored red and green stars in multiple patterns.

Don’t forget it illuminates a gigantic 3200 Sq. Ft and is energy saving. Finally, its weather adaptable and great for both indoors/outdoors.


Rather than struggle with ladders to mount bulbs and short lived light strands on your garden, tablets or tree, why not go for at least one of the best outdoor laser lights?

The best outdoor laser lights run on timers, are energy conscious, create a unique heartwarming experience in a bigger area and have replacements available.

Further, they should be able to perform even in terrible weather.

Having known this, why not do the practical and go for one of the top star laser lights?



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