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Best Hand Cream for Gardeners- Gardeners Hand Care

hand cream for gardeners

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While gardening over the years, I realized that gardening activities dry out my hands.

This is especially when not wearing gardening gloves.

Moreover, I get small cuts and bruises that I notice way after finishing up the days’ work.

To remedy the situation, I found a list of the best hand cream for gardeners to help keep my hands moisturized and relieved.

The products stand out from the many in the market since they are specially made for gardeners hand care.

Most noteworthy, the hand creams are made with natural ingredients to moisturize, relieve, repair and heal.

Hand CreamWeight (Oz)PackPrice 
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Review of The Best Hand Cream for Gardeners

1. O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

The hand cream is a best-selling product from O’Keeffe’s. It is a product that is concentrated with the ability to relieve, heal and repair.

It is a hand cream that is suitable for dry and cracked hands making it ideal for gardeners after working on the garden.

What’s more?

The hand cream for gardeners works within a short period making one feel the difference within days.

The working hands hand cream works by creating a protective layer that increases the moisture levels.

Moreover, the cream prevents any loss of moisture from the hands.

The ingredients making the cream include water for hydration, glycerin for hydration acceleration and paraffin that creates a barrier for moisture loss.

There’s more.

To get the maximum benefit, users are advised to apply the cream after bathing, handwashing or during bedtime.

Most noteworthy, the product is safe to all users even those with diabetes.

The hand cream comes in different packs, from 1-12, it is therefore easy to choose a package for a specified period. You can also choose the jar or tube.

The product comes with 100% money back guarantee.

Key features

  • Protects skin from water loss
  • Draws moisture to the skin
  • Provides a protective barrier that seals moisture
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Comes with 100% money guarantee
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2. Crabtree & Evelyn Ultra-Moisturising Hand Therapy

2. Crabtree & Evelyn Ultra-Moisturising Hand TherapyThe Ultra-Moisturizing hand therapy cream is from Crabtree & Evelyn.

The Gardeners Ultra-Moisturising Hand therapy is an award winning product recommended for gardeners.

It is a product infused with shea butter and macadamia nut oil to protect and strengthen hands.

Moreover, the moisturizing hand cream for gardeners also works to nourish the skin to make it smoother.

The ingredients making the product are vast. However, the most notable ingredients include ceramides and antioxidants.

The antioxidants are rich in vitamin E.

Most noteworthy, the hand cream also contains Myrrh extract which helps to condition cuticles and nails.

It is advisable to use the product daily for great results.

There are different sizes available to choose from.

Key features

  • Nourishes and moisturizes the skin
  • Protects hands from elements
  • Conditions nails and cuticles
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3. Burt’s Bees Almond & Milk Hand Cream

The Almond and milk hand cream is a product of Burt’s Bees that comes as a pack of two.

The Burt’s Bees almond and milk hand cream is a great product for gardeners as it works to care for hands after a days’ work.

The hand cream contains vitamin E and sweet almond oil that works to moisturize dry hands. Moreover, the vitamin E hydrates and shields the skin.

That’s not all.

It also contains natural beeswax that not only seals but also conditions skin.

Most noteworthy, the product is sweet smelling providing an all-natural nutty and almond scent.

The best part? It is among the best creams for gardeners that is 99.9% natural. Especially relevant, the hand cream is also suitable for knees, elbows and feet.

Key Features

  • Contains almond oil and vitamin E
  • Seals and condition skin
  • Works to hydrate and moisturize
  • It is a natural product
  • Suitable for hands, elbows, feet and knees
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4. Hemp Hand Protector

The hemp hand protector is a product from Protector.

It provides heavy-duty hydration to the users.

Moreover, it also relieves and protects from cuts, bruises and any injuries making it a great fit for gardeners.

The best part?

The hemp hand protector works to restore moisture and suppleness. This, therefore, makes it great for dry skin.

It contains community trade seed oil from hemp.

Key features

  • Provides heavy-duty hydration
  • Protects and relieves
  • Moisture restoration
  • Contains hemp seed oil
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5. Adamia Therapeutic Repair Lotion

The Therapeutic repair lotion is a product of the renowned Adamia Company.

It is a lotion that helps to curb discomfort and aches on cracked, burning and distressed hands.

The lotion is a great hand protector for gardeners as it is absorbed quickly to provide relief.

There’s more.

The lotion features an exclusive blend of promega-7. Moreover, it is rich in omega-7, pure macadamia oil and soothing moisturizers.

Since the repair hand lotion is non-allergenic, fragrance free, and vegan friendly, it is suitable for most individuals.

Using the hand lotion for gardeners is guaranteed to offer value since the product is dermatologist tested.

Key features

  • Absorbs quickly for fast relief
  • Non-allergenic
  • Vegan friendly and non-greasy
  • Fragrance free
  • Beneficial for burning, cracked and distressed hands
  • Contains promega-7 blend
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6. Earth Therapeutics Gardener’s Hand Repair

The final hand cream for gardeners that makes our list is Earth Therapeutics Gardener’s Hand repair.

It is a product made in the USA by Earth Theraputics.

The hand repair cream works to heal and moisturize dry, cracked, and damaged skin.

Moreover, it helps to protect the skin from the harsh elements of nature.

The product ingredients are vast combining plant extract blends, shear butter, and oatmeal.

Most noteworthy, the product also contains alpha-hydroxy acids that smoothen out and reduce the appearance of roughness on skin.

That’s not all.

It is an environmental caring product that is not tested on animals.

For best results, users are advised to apply the Earth Therapeutics gardener’s hand repair all over the hands every day.

This way, you’re assured of a smooth, soft and young look.

Especially relevant, the product can be used on elbows, knees and dry skin areas.

Key Features

  • Heals and moisturizes
  • Contains blends of plant extracts, oatmeal and shear butter
  • Environmental friendly
  • Can be used on knees, elbows and additional areas with dry skin
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Buying Guide for the best hand cream for gardeners

Although we may recommend the best hand cream for gardeners, the final choice boils down to individual needs.

So, before making the final decision for your hand cream, here are a few things to consider;

1. Packaging

The hand cream products come in different packaging such as jar and tubes.

Tubes keep the contents secure from air and bacteria when compared to products in jars.

However, the choice mostly depends on the user since the packaging also affects the ease of use.

2. Price

Most consumers base their decisions on the price of the product which is unfortunate.

It is a factor to consider but it should not be the only determinant.

Most noteworthy, the price dos not always represent value.

However, the final product should be within your set budget.  Compare the different prices of the creams to enable you get a good deal.

3. Effectiveness

The goal is to get the most effective product to solve the dry and ailing condition of our hands after working in the garden.

It is therefore the most important to consider. Although all of the above reviewed products are effective, the rate might not be the same.

Together with the guide, it is advisable to check what other users are saying on the eCommerce platforms.

This helps to make a better informed decision. Moreover, you can get tips on shipping, the use and even storage.

4. Safety

Of course the safety of the product is paramount. It is recommended to stick to trusted brands.

However, if it’s a first time using a given hand cream, test by spot testing to determine whether there is a burning, irritating or other adverse reaction.

The use of all natural products almost always guarantees safety. That’s why from our review, most of the best hand creams for gardeners discussed, a high percentage of ingredients are natural.

5. Ingredients

To determine whether a skin care product will serve a purpose, check the ingredients.

Doing this will also give an opportunity to identify if there are any ingredients that bring allergies.

Do not buy a product with compounds that will react negatively with your skin.

Common compounds that cause allergies and irritation include BHA, parabens, sulfates and parfum.

The Champion

After careful consideration, we recommend the O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream.

It is a great product that works pretty fast to bring relief, I personally have a jar around for daily use.

What’s more, it has shown to work for most of the users who describe it as a gem.

According to Allure, customers are obsessed with this product that has been around for 20 years.


As you work your magic in the garden, don’t let your hands suffer in the process.

Choose  the recommended hand cream for gardeners. Remember to choose a product that fits your budget, has no allergic ingredients, is effective and safe.

Try out one of the best cream for gardeners above today and let me know how it works!

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