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Best Gardening Rubbermaid Wheelbarrow- Plastic Wheelbarrow

Rubbermaid wheelbarrow

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If you’re like me, you find it convenient to have your gardening supplies within reach.

Having this in mind, I would like to introduce gardening the Rubbermaid wheelbarrow.

There’s nothing as good as being able to move around with the necessary tools, seeds, and equipment is key when undertaking the different gardening activities.

The good thing is..

Products such as garden carts and gardeners wheelbarrows come in handy to create the convenience.

So, which transportation device is well suited for gardening?

The best device depends on the type of garden, the materials to be carried, and the capacity required.

Rubbermaid wheelbarrows are wheelbarrows whose sections are made of rubber unlike the conventional wheelbarrows initially made.

That’s not all.

The best quality wheelbarrows are convenient and easy to operate. They are also known as plastic wheelbarrows since they are made using plastic.

One advantage of Rubbermaid wheelbarrows is that they are durable, easy to wash and are rust free.

There’s a catch.

There are quite a number of them to choose from and that is precisely the reason for the review of the best Rubbermaid wheelbarrow. Enjoy the review that will get you closer to choosing the right product.

The table below shows the five best Rubbermaid wheelbarrows for gardening. Each and every one of them is chosen by our specialist reviewers.

Rubbermaid wheelbarrowCapacityColor 
Rubbermaid Commercial FG564200BLA HDPE Big-Wheel Dump Truck300 poundBlackView on Amazon
Rubbermaid Commercial Big Wheel Cart FG565461BLA200 poundBlackView on Amazon
Rubbermaid Poly Farm Cart200 poundBrownView on Amazon
Rubbermaid Commercial FG564000BLA HDPE Low-Wheel Dump Truck300 poundBlackView on Amazon
Rubbermaid Commercial FG565861BLA HDPE Wheelbarrow200 poundBlackView on Amazon


1. Rubbermaid Commercial Products FG564200BLA Plastic Yard Cart, 7.5 cu. feet

The Rubbermaid Commercial FG564200BLA HDPE is a product of the Rubbermaid commercial company.

It is a heavy duty wheelbarrow with a high-density polyethylene construction.

The Rubbermaid wheelbarrow has a capacity of 300 lbs and thus can accommodate heavy and varied loads.

It is among the best rated wheelbarrows in the market, a wheelbarrow for gardeners and landscapers.

One of the advantages of this wheelbarrow is that it is easy to dump. Moreover, it has quality materials that make it durable.

Also, the product handles are very comfortable for everyday operation. Most importantly, it easily balances and thus does not tip over.

Another advantage is the seamless design ensuring easy cleaning experience after use.

Carrying heavy materials such as manure, wooden pegs or any other material is relatively easy due to the reinforced ribbing that provides added impact resistance.

Transportation is made easier with the molded handles that are comfortable and friendly on the hands eliminating the use of gardening gloves.

One of the disadvantages of the Rubbermaid Commercial FG564200BLA is that if it is made of tube tires, they tend to go flat.

They thus need replacement creating additional costs. However, wheelbarrow replacement parts are readily available.

Secondly, the wheel spokes made of plastic may snap easily with poor handling.

Finally, this Rubbermaid commercial wheelbarrow does not completely dump and thus the need for a shovel to completely dump materials.

View on Amazon


  • Easy to dump
  • Durable
  • Comfortable handles
  • Well-balanced
  • Easy to clean after use


  • Tube tires may go flat
  • Snapping of wheel spokes
  • Does not completely dump

2. Rubbermaid Commercial Big Wheel Cart, 200 Pound Capacity, Black, FG565461BLA

The other plastic wheelbarrow also from the Rubbermaid commercial company is the Big Wheel Cart.

The features of the product are similar to the big wheel dump truck. The only difference is the carrying capacity.

The big wheel gardening cart has a capacity of 200 lbs thus smaller compared to the FG564200BLA dump track.

The best part is…

It is little and well balanced, and thus a good fit and the best wheelbarrow to buy for smaller people.

In addition, the wheelbarrow has large wheels making it easy to navigate rough ground and terrain.

Thirdly, the tires are durable since they are non-rubber.

Not forgetting..

The 200 capacity rubbermaid wheelbarrow is quite easy to assemble.

Finally, it has a high-density polyethylene with a seamless design that resists cracking and leaking. The quality ensures that the product is a top rated wheelbarrow.

The only catch…

The measurements specified by the manufacturer are not very accurate and thus the size may vary.

View on Amazon



  • Resists cracking and leakages
  • Easy to clean
  • Durable tires
  • Great size for smaller people
  • Firm and well-balanced
  • Easy to assemble


  • Specified size is not very accurate

3. Rubbermaid Poly Farm Cart 200 Lbs. Max 3-1/2 Cu Ft 20″ X 1.75″

The Rubbermaid Poly Farm is a plastic wheelbarrow ideal for smaller gardens or farms preferably less than five acres in size.

The capacity is 200 pounds thus able to carry relatively heavy loads.

The best part?

The Poly Farm is semi-pneumatic with 75-inch wheels enabling easy movement in different surfaces.


The molded hand grip of the lawn wheelbarrow is comfortable for the hands making long hours of work manageable.

Like the previously mentioned transportation devices, it has a smooth seamless body for easy use and cleaning.

In addition, the materials making the Rubbermaid Poly farm make it resistant to most farm and garden chemicals.

The Rubbermaid Poly Farm cart is considered more practical and manageable due to its small width and adequate capacity providing value for money.

One of the disadvantages is that the wheelbarrow is delivered unassembled but the process is relatively easy when the directions are followed.

View on Amazon



  • Able to carry heavy loads
  • Moves easily on different surfaces
  • Has comfortable grip
  • Cleaning is quick and simple
  • Provides resistance to farm chemicals


  • Delivered unassembled

4. Rubbermaid Commercial FG564000BLA HDPE Low-Wheel Dump Truck, 300-pound Capacity, Black

The Rubbermaid Commercial FG564000BLA is a low-Wheel Dump Truck with 300-pound Capacity.

It is made in the USA. The garden cart is multipurpose since it functions as a cart or wheelbarrow.

Like all Rubbermaid wheelbarrows, the 300-pound cart is all plastic and thus rust free with easy cleaning.

Another great characteristic that makes this wheelbarrow a favorite is the sturdy and structural foam construction that does not rust, peel, chip or dent.

These characteristics ensure the equipment lasts for many years even with continuous use.

That’s not all.

The cart is easy to handle as it is constructed to maximize user experience when transporting materials for use.

The large rubber tires promote navigation in varied terrains.

On receiving the cart, careful examination of the assembly should be carried out to prevent breakage of wheels.

View on Amazon



  • Multipurpose use
  • Does not chip, peel, dent or rust
  • Lasts for years
  • Easy to handle
  • Large tires for stress-free navigation

5. Rubbermaid Commercial FG565861BLA HDPE Wheelbarrow, 200-pound Capacity, Black

The FG565861BLA Rubbermaid wheelbarrow is a black 200 capacity device.

It is useful when transporting gardening supplies, wastes and materials. I find it useful when spreading fertilizer and manure.

The thing is,

Gardening activities are simplified as the plastic wheelbarrow is easy to steer due to its standard configuration.

The handles are made of hardwood for stable movement and strength making it durable.

Moreover, materials making the sections of the Rubbermaid wheelbarrow are chemical resistant, they do not absorb moisture and easy to clean after use.

Most noteworthy,  a limitation of the commercial FG565861BLA is the rotting away of the wooden sections after continuous exposure.

View on Amazon



  • Simple to steer
  • Provides stable movement
  • Sturdy
  • Chemical resistant
  • Don’t absorb moisture


  • The wood sections rot away after sometime

Considerations for the Best Rubbermaid Wheelbarrow

As I earlier mentioned, there are a few factors to consider before choosing the right Rubbermaid wheelbarrow.

Before mentioning what to consider, let’s quickly go over the features of wheelbarrows that are standard.


The wheel is responsible for movement of the wheelbarrow.

The type and size of the wheel largely determines the performance.

Also, the wheel tread determines the terrain that the device can handle and how efficient it will be in carrying loads.

Handle and Grip:

This is the section of the wheelbarrow that gives control to the user.

The handles are made of different materials. They also vary in length and shape.

The material making this section should allow a firm grip that allows pushing the wheelbarrow to different locations.

Moreover, the section should also be ergonomic and comfortable on the hands.

Cargo hold:

It is the area where the loads to be carried are placed. There are different sizes of the tray.

What to consider before making your final choice

Weight of the load you are to carry

Having a rough estimate of the maximum weight of the load you are to carry is advisable.

Are the materials very heavy or light? Are they bulky?

Having this information will enable you determine the capacity of wheelbarrow to buy so as to accommodate many of the materials.

Choosing a wheelbarrow that can comfortably accommodate the items will save on the number of trips. Also, handling of the equipment will be easier for the user.

The amount of space to move the wheelbarrow

Gardens and working spaces vary.

It is thus important to choose a wheelbarrow that will comfortably fit the available space.

The manufacturers have provided a wide range of wheelbarrow sizes to fit both narrow and wide spaces.

Therefore, making the right choice in size allows easy movement and minimize destruction. Also, it ensures you get the best wheelbarrow for your money.

The capability of the user

Large wheelbarrows offer a challenge to smaller built persons.

It is crucial to get a wheelbarrow that is the right fit for minimal effort when pushing from one place to another.

For movement, wheelbarrows need to be lifted to a certain level.

The weight of the tool together with the materials carried should be manageable by the user.


The different materials making the tool determine how strong and durable it will be.

The  materials include; metal, plastic, and wood. Most noteworthy, the material chosen depends on preference of the buyer.

Metal is stronger than wood and plastic but it rusts easily.



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