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Best Drop Spreader Models – Review and Buying guide

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Keeping your backyard or lawn leveled, tidy and free of clutter requires the use of effective tools.

Moreover, you need to have a rough idea of how to go about the process involved.

The drop spreader is considered as one of the essential landscaping and gardening equipment.

Spreaders are machines used to spread fertilizers, soils, seeds and other elements that you want to use in the garden.  When using a spreader, you must spread elements evenly on your lawn and in right amounts.

The spreader helps to control a number of items laid on your lawn, and this ensures that your lawn is well nourished.

In this article, we’ll review some of the top  drop spreaders and a buyer’s guide to accompany it.

Drop spreaderPrice 
Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader$$$View on Amazon
Scotts Wiz Hand-Held Spreader$$View on Amazon
Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader$$$$$View on Amazon
Agri-Fab 45-0288 Tow Behind Drop Spreader$$$$View on Amazon
Scotts Snap System Spreader$View on Amazon

1.Scotts Turf Builder Classic Drop Spreader

In case you are looking for an excellent, larger and better drop spreader, the Scotts Turf Builder will suit your needs. This equipment holds a lot more than other original drop spreaders and has special plastics to guide you through the process.  This tool is designed to have a 22-inch spread pattern to ensure optimum accuracy and coverage.

It’s mainly suitable when applying fertilizer and grass seed during fall, spring and summer seasons. It has a big hopper that can carry up to 10,000 sq. ft. of lawn care products. Incredibly, the Scotts Turf Builder will provide consistent application of granular care products throughout the year.

The spreader has labels to guide you on the settings, application and usage. The other unique feature is that the Scotts spreader is fitted with a heavy-duty frame to ensure that it’s always stable. Besides, this machine comes when it is fully assembled therefore any user will find it easy to utilize it.

Before using this tool, users should calibrate it following the instructions provided.  Other than applying fertilizer and other products, this product comes in handy in cold climates. People have described it as a useful tool to spread salt on driveways and sidewalks thus preventing the formation of ice.

View on Amazon


  • Can be used on large lawns
  • It can accommodate a large amount of fertilizer or element in question
  • Can be utilized for spreading additional elements such as salt
  • It is affordable
  • Easy to push


  • Must be set according to the calibrations
  • It’s not consistent in terms of covering

2. Scotts Wiz Hand-Held Spreader

Scotts always nails it when it comes to crafting efficient drop spreaders. In fact, the hand-held wiz spreader features Scotts handy lock technology as well as the exclusive edge guard. It is rare for me to write reviews on any product but felt that people need to know about this new hand-held spreader.

I couldn’t help noticing that this equipment is way better than my manual hand –held spreader. This fantastic tool has been crafted to handle any operation with ease. Even if you want to melt, feed, weed or seed, this battery powered machine will assist you to complete the job faster.

Rated as one of the most advanced spreaders in 2017, it is powered by 4AA batteries that have 23 settings for the best accuracy.

The wiz hand-held machine was designed to be a multi-purpose dropper. Other than spreading fertilizer, you can use this tool to prevent weeds in your loan as well as melting snow on covered roads.

The most unusual feature is its Edge Guard Technology; this function is essential in blocking the spreader’s left side to prevent your product from falling onto non-desired portion. The Wiz-hand-held spreader can hold enough products to feed approximately 2,500 sq. ft.

If you are one of those people who dislike push machines, I would advise you to invest in the Wiz hand-held spreader. This device is light and comfortable therefore it will be easier hold it using one hand. Also, ensure to use some gardening gloves to protect your hands.

View on Amazon


  • The device is convenient even in areas where push machines cannot access
  • It’s lightweight and relatively small
  • Long lasting batteries
  • Affordable


  • The on and off trigger doesn’t work very well
  • Clogging

3. Lesco High Wheel Fertilizer Spreader

This essential equipment is considered as a top choice for lawn care and landscaping experts. In fact, this Lesco spreader has established itself as the industry’s standard spreader due to its unique capabilities of adapting to the user’s needs.

The equipment has been widely used during summer and spring seasons to spread granular products on turf and lawns. If you are looking for a tool that will assist you in promoting the healthy growth of your plant, the Lesco High Wheel is probably the right choice for you.

The equipment has a hopper capacity of 80lbs and comes with a manual deflector kit. Also, the tool is reinforced with a stainless steel frame to ensure it is strong enough to withstand harsh outdoor conditions.

Moreover, both the axle and impeller shaft are made of stainless steel to enhance the machine’s strength and performance.  The other useful feature is the large pneumatic wheels that provide improved stability and a smooth ride on different terrain.

View on Amazon


  • The Lesco drop spreader has large tires that optimize stability and allow for smooth movement
  • Most of its major components are made of stainless steel to increase strength and resistance
  • Can be used for most outdoor activities


  • The machine requires to be assembled
  • It is expensive

4. Agri-Fab 45-0288 Tow Behind Drop Spreader

The Agri-Fab 45-0288 is the perfect example of what an ideal spreader looks like and the features it has to offer. It features a sleek profile coupled with a sturdy construction.

It has been carefully designed for landowners looking to plant seeds and apply fertilizers on a large piece of land within the shortest time possible. Before the application of fertilizer remember to carry out the appropriate tests.

It has a hopper capacity of about 17 gallons and a width of 42″. The hopper is designed using rustproof materials to increase its product life as well as the durability.

As for the agitator, it is crafted using premium galvanized steel to increase its durability.

It features pneumatic tires that are designed to make the ride smooth. The Agri Fab 45-0288 is accompanied with a 3-year warranty.

Fab, the company behind the Agri Fab 45-0288, specializes in the production of spreaders, and with the Agri Fab 45-0288, it delivers in terms of efficiency and performance. It was designed to provide a seamless operation and even coverage.

It’s not only ideal for spreading fertilizers and seeds but also salt and sand. Overall, the Agri Fab-0288 fairs better than its peers in terms of maneuverability, design, and durability.

View on Amazon


  • Has a maximum capacity of 17 gallons
  • The user can cover up to 1 acre of land on a single fill
  • It is versatile


•    It is expensive

5. Scotts Snap System Spreader

Similar to other Scotts equipment, the snap system dropper features Handlock and Edge Guard technologies. The edge guard blocks the spread of seeds or fertilizer on the left side.  In fact, the EdgeGuard directs the product to the section you desire.

In addition, the essential equipment is fitted with a snap pac that links to the snap spreader thus preventing pouring or cutting from heavy bags.  The snap pac is responsible for setting the suitable application rate.

Besides, this tool has an application lever used to control the output. The other unique feature you will discover with this spreader is that you can fold it for easy storage.

With this unique spreader, you will not have to set the amount of fertilizer since the snap system will take care of it. Finally, this product is not as heavy as most spreaders, meaning that it is easy to use and transport it.

View on Amazon


  • It is foldable thus making it simpler to carry and store
  • Has an automated snap system; therefore, you don’t have to set the amount of fertilizer
  • Spreads fertilizer, insecticides, seeds, lime and other products


  • Expensive snap bags

Drop Spreader Vs. Broadcast Spreader

Spreaders can run the gamut from heavy duty models, small to handheld models. However, they are classified into main classes: broadcast spreaders and drop spreaders. Another name for broadcast spreaders is rotary spreaders.

Each class differs in various aspects including the manner they spread seeds and where they work best.  The rotary and drop spreaders have hoppers that have adjustable outlets to help you control the amount of fertilizer or seeds that pass to your lawn.

Drop spreaders

These machines are designed to distribute fertilizer or seed in equal rows, explaining why drop spreaders are famous for their extreme accuracy.  Drop spreaders are said to work perfectly on lawns below 5,000 sq. ft.

Secondly, they provide efficient coverage control and are easier to operate. Thirdly, the performance of these spreaders is not affected by the wind. Also, the equipment is fitted with a wide wheel to navigate tight spots and rough terrain quickly.

The only shortcoming of the product is that they cover a small area each lap as compared to a rotary spreader. This means you have to spend a lot of time to fertilize a lawn.

Broadcast spreaders

These machines are so named due to their ability to scatter seed in a fan-like pattern. The size of their spread pattern varies depending on the holes sizes and user’s speed.

Users must ensure that their passes overlap to achieve an even distribution of seeds and fertilizer. The speed and spread pattern of rotary spreaders enable them to cover large lawns in less time.

Secondly, this equipment is well suited for large gardens. The other significant difference is that their hopper capacity is way greater than that of drop spreaders. Finally, they can spread products to awkward and hard to reach areas.

The main problem that arises from using rotary spreaders is that they spread fertilizer or seeds out of bounds and they also spread excess products which can lead to toxicity.

Buying Guide- What to consider

Apart from knowing the different types of spreaders, it is therefore important to consider a few factors that make one drop spreader more efficient than the other.

Below are some of the factors you should consider when buying an effective drop spreader.

Size of your lawn

The shape and the size of your piece of land will determine the type of drop spreader you should purchase. For instance, if your lawn is bigger in size, then a drop spreader will be the best and the most effective machine to use.

On the other hand, if your yard is smaller, you should consider choosing handheld broadcast spreader. This is because the machine is lightweight, portable and easy to use on a smaller lawn.

In case you own a large lawn, you should consider investing in a large broadcast spreader because it will have a widespread distance to cover a large portion of the yard in only a single pass.


As long as you are able to maintain your drop spreader, you’ll enjoy its service for years. A machine built with stainless steel will last longer than a plastic one.

In fact, a spreader made of stainless steel is resistant to corrosion as compared to those made of plastics and other materials.

Build quality

When it comes to assessing build quality, the material used to make the hopper matters most. As mentioned earlier, quality hoppers should be made of stainless steel to enhance their precession in the manner they feed the dispersion dropper.

It is important to know that plastics vary in quality; incredibly, some plastics are immune to corrosive effects associated with extreme fertilizers.  This implies that plastic hoppers are more suitable when spreading fertilizers.


With the various controls and features included in a drop spreader, it becomes difficult to pick the best tool for your lawn care jobs. Fortunately, having a clear insight of the various drop spreaders will help you in choosing the best.

Moreover, knowing the features and qualities to consider makes it easy to make the decision on which model to purchase. It is important to understand the differences between the drop spreaders and rotary spreaders so that you buy what suits your needs.

With the information provided in this guide, you will be in a position to pick what’s best for your lawn.



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