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Best Grill Scraper | Grill Brush Review

grill scraper | grill brush

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If you like barbecues like me, then you must make the best grill scraper your friend.

Let’s see what that is:

Well, a grill scraper is simply a device used to thoroughly clean BBQ grills by scraping off all the stuck food particles from your grill’s surface.

When you have a clean BBQ grill, you can cook with confidence since;

  • There are no dangers of flare-ups due to grease build-up/stuck food bits
  • Your food don’t pick unpleasant flavors from the grimy grilling surfaces
  • You are sure your meals will turn out healthier and yummier

Can you see why you need to keep the best grill scraper close?

Now, some piece of advice:

Don’t pick any grill brush you come across. Only the best will help you meet your dreams.

So, how should it be?

The best grill scraper should;

  • Be the easiest to use
  • Get rid of all the dirt effortlessly

The bad news is that it may not be that easy to identify the best grill brush;

The good news is that we have reviewed the top 9 grill brushes for you in this post.

Take a look;

Grill ScrapperMaterialBristles Price 
Lodge SCRAPERGPK Durable Grill Pan Scrapers, Red and Black, 2-PackPolycarbonateNo$View on Amazon
Safe/Clean Grill BrushStainless steelNo$$$$$View on Amazon
Alpha Grillers 18" Grill BrushStainless steelYes$$$View on Amazon
Best BBQ Grill BrushStainless steelYes$$$View on Amazon
BBQ-Aid Grill BrushStainless steelYes$$$$$View on Amazon
Natural BBQ Woody Paddle Grill ScraperWoodNo$$$$$View on Amazon
DeroTeno BBQ Grill BrushStainless steel
Plastic handle
No$$$View on Amazon
BBQ Bristles Grill ToolStainless steelYes$$$$View on Amazon
Sage Owl Grate Grill ScraperBrasNo$$View on Amazon

1.  Lodge SCRAPERGPK Durable Grill Pan Scrapers, Red and Black, 2-Pack

A lot of food particles and grease tend to stick inside your grill’s interior, or the “grillbox.”

Using a grill scraper with strong teeth could therefore go a long way in removing what’s hiding inside there.

The lodge frill pan scraper has two teeth sized to reach and clean the farthest interior or any crevice of your grill pan.

Its rugged Polycarbonate mold is awesome as it scrapes without scratching. In addition, each side has a different design (flat or rounded) to ensure that no crevice or corner will survive untouched.

If you have been struggling to clean rugged cast iron cookware, then here you might have a lasting solution

Key features:

  • Heat resistant
  • Created from rugged cast-iron
  • Durable polycarbonate
  • 2 pack -red and black
  • Dishwasher safe
  • curved side

What we liked:

  • Cleans all cookware- stick or non-stick
  • It withstands heat
  • It’s a very durable scraper
  • Scrapes without scratching
  • Washes flat as well as rounded edges pans

What we didn’t like:

  • The teeth may be too narrow for some grills sections
  • If temperature goes overboard, they may melt

What reviews are saying:

We sought the opinion of some of the clients and they seem to agree that when it comes to cast iron and ceramic pan surfaces, the lodge frill pan scraper is a master

  • The curved inside is magical: Users love the fact that it has a curvy inside because it helps them clean extreme interiors of their grill pans and skillets.
  • It fits different pans: Also impressing cleaners is that it has different width and depth on the ridges since it will work with a variety of cookware.
  • It doesn’t hurt: This grill scraper won’t scratch your teflon or ceramic surfaces, and is fantastic on cast iron
View on Amazon

2. Safe/Clean Grill Brush

To discourage buildup of dirt and grease, you can try greasing the grates of your grill (when hot) with some cooking oil-just before you start cooking.

Alternatively, scrub the grates a raw onion.

Otherwise, you have to rely on a grill brush to keep things fresh and smooth.

If you dislike bristles, this could be your king.

You won’t have to worry about getting hurt by bristles’ sharp edges or seeing them falling out.

If you have used a nylon grill brush, you may have witnessed how they melt…you will never face such a challenge with hard-wired bristle-less brushes like this safe/clean grill brush.

You get a total of 3 brushes in 1 and won’t shy away from cleaning all your grills- be they Stainless Steel, Porcelain, or Infrared.

Key features:

  • Stainless Steel, Hard-Wired
  • Weather Resistant Handle
  • Bristle-Free
  • Rust resistant
  • 3 In 1 Brushes
  • Rigid Construction
  • Light-Weight

What we liked:

  • Lasts longer now that it doesn’t have bristles
  • Doesn’t discriminate any surface- porcelain, steel, iron or ceramic
  • The handle is very comfortable
  • It’s rust resistant
  • Safest- no risk of swallowing bristles
  • The brushes are perfect size – not too short or long
  • You can use both hands without struggling

What we didn’t like:

  • It’s not that flexible- for example you can’t bend it to reach the interiors
  • It requires just a little more physical effort for it to clean properly

What reviews are saying:

And what are the others saying? We sampled a few comments just to be sure of our observations;

  • Wonderful with residue: The brush delivers even on grills with heavier residue.
  • It cleans the grates: When you come to clean the grates, it performs very well, just as it does with an iron skillet.
View on Amazon

3. Alpha Grillers 18″ Grill Brush

Launching an onslaught against dirt and residue from your BBQ maker is easy if you have the best grill scraper.

Annoying stuff like a filthy grate, rust and grease will be a thing of the past.

The alpha grillers grill brush is full of tough bristles and has a generally bigger surface so that with each swipe, you can tackle more grate.

Considering that it has three heads, you will get the job done within just a few seconds.

And the best thing is that the bristles cut through the toughest grime so your grill will be sparkling clean and ready to deliver another yummy treat next time of asking.

Key features:

  • Rust Proof
  • Triple Surface Area
  • Stainless Steel Wire Bristles
  • Ultra-Heavy Duty
  • 18″ Long and stiff handle

What we liked:

  • Safe for all grills.
  • Doesn’t not bend or break even when scrubbing hard.
  • Will not scratch your expensive porcelain
  • Stainless steel so no rusting
  • It has more surface area so it’s more effective.

What we didn’t like:

  • In the long run, you can expect the bristles to start coming out
  • The angle of its handle is somehow awkward and you may tire soon after you start scrubbing.

What reviewers are saying:

We always like hearing from third parties and this was no exception. This is what some were saying;

  • Oh yea! It does get between the grates: Some past purchasers were so amazed by its ‘3 cylinder’ approach such that they voted this one of the best grill brush because of how well it scrubs the grates
  • Quality construction: It has more surface area and seems absolutely well built so expect it to perform even when you want emergency cleaning for your rusty pipe threads.
View on Amazon

4. Best BBQ Grill Brush

With three rows of thick wire bristles, the best BBQ grill brush model covered more surface area compared to most of the other brushes we tested.

Its sturdy construction didn’t bend at any one point despite repeatedly taking it through tough scraping tasks.

Then, unlike other brushes with wire bristles, its bristles remained intact and strong with no hints of either breaking or shedding.

All of that, added to the comfortable 10-inches long plastic handle, made the best BBQ grill brush stand out from the many brushes and scrapers we tried.

Key features:

  • 10” soft comfortable handle
  • Stainless steel
  • Heavy duty
  • Wire bristles
  • Woven steel design
  • 3 brushes

What we liked:

  • Easily removes all debris without damaging the surface
  • Compatible with every of your BBQ grills
  • You can scrape even while your grill is hot thanks to the long handle
  • Cleans 5x faster due to more space/brushes
  • Reaches all over top, bottom, and the sides
  • Never skids

What we didn’t like:

  • The handle may feel harder on people who have sensitive hands for example those with arthritis
  • It will start shedding off bristles at some point

 What others are saying:

It was all praises from the current users for this grill brush. Here is what some of them commented;

  • Wider and sturdier: Some clients love that this brush is wider and sturdier than your typical bristles brush. They feel that this makes it effective in cleaning almost all grills-be they gas or charcoal
  • Easy to use: The woven steel design makes the whole cleaner easy to apply regardless of the shape/size of your grill.
View on Amazon

5. BBQ-Aid Grill Brush

The first time to buy, I went for a cheap nylon grill brush which broke off just after a few uses.

I have since hated any product which looks suspiciously cheap. It’s no wonder then that it was love at first sight with this premium BBQ-Aid Grill Brush.

It’s a classic grill scraper brush made of very heavy duty materials.

I particularly liked its sturdy, light brown wood handle which looks incredible connecting its stainless steel core to the brush head…

And it’s not all about beauty without ‘brains’….This scraper easily clears the hardest to clean muck in no time.

Key features:

  • Stainless Steel Bristles
  • Premium design
  • Ergonomic 15″ wooden handle
  • Stainless steel bristles
  • Rawhide loop

What we liked:

  • Durable- you won’t be replacing any time soon
  • You can use on your hot grill since the bristles are steel and won’t burn.
  • No scratch cleaning
  • Perfect handle length- you can use both hands
  • you can hang the brush from the grill using the rawhide loop
  • Performs and looks premium
  • Safe with char-broil, porcelain, infrared, ceramic, weber etc.

What we didn’t like:

  • Looking at the rest, this scraper’s surface area is kind of small
  • Perhaps, the handle could be made thicker- you know just to be sure it will never break

 What reviewers say:

Generally, users feel that this is a compact, nice looking and effective brush cum scraper. Here is a sampling of views;

  • This is amazing: A current user rated it 5 star due to the rawhide loop which allows him to hang it from his grill. He also praised the excellent wooden handle and concluded that it’s a sturdy metal scraper cum brush.
  • Terrific invention: This is a little magical tool that does the trick. Every time you go camping, it works wonderfully
View on Amazon

6. Natural BBQ Woody Paddle Grill Scraper

Back to being paranoid about bristles and we found this natural BBQ grill scraper pretty amazing. Its 100% wood and with it, you will have peace of mind knowing that you will never lose sleep imagining that your kid has swallowed bristles.

This paddle is unbelievably big, incredibly sturdy and more fun to use.

Wait until you have passed it over each part of your grill and see how it removes all crud. I assure you won’t believe it!

And all this without the risk of forgetting the additional debris that tends to hide behind your cooking surface?

Whoever designed this deserves a Nobel prize- seriously!

Key features:

  • 100% Solid OAK Hardwood
  • Thick handle plus neck
  • Brown beauty

What we liked:

  • Fits nicely into your palm
  • Keeps you safe from heat
  • Requires just low pressure to produce top notch results
  • Safe- its wood, no bristles anywhere
  • Feels fun and is super effective

What we didn’t like:

  • It seems to need sometime before the grooves conform.
  • For larger grills, it may not work very well

What reviewers say:

Most favored is the fact that it’s free of bristles hence safe and also its effectiveness. Read what else users said;

  • Lifesaver: A reviewer feels that this can potentially save a life considering its not a metal grill brush
  • Really nice: The wood is sufficiently soft for comfortable cleaning but also hard enough to outlast others. Anyone who enjoy grilling will find it awesome!
View on Amazon

7. DeroTeno BBQ Grill Brush

To ensure food doesn’t stick to your grill, always have clean grates.

That’s because any leftover gunk for example caramelized sauce or burnt food bits, attach to food, making it harder to get a clean slate.

Anyway, is there anyone who enjoy cooking on dirty cookware?

In our tests, the Deroteno BBQ Grill Brush beat the rest at ejecting stuck-on residue and grime.

Key features:

  • Bristle free
  • Quality 10 inches long plastic handle
  • Light
  • Stainless steel wire(woven)
  • 3 in 1 brush
  • Superb texture

What we liked:

  • Doesn’t damage the surfaces
  • Its bristle free so safe
  • The handle is high quality
  • It’s light enough to carry anywhere
  • Has nice textureso cleans without a lot of force

 What we didn’t like:

  • This is one of the very best grill scraper– we didn’t find any major problem

What reviewers say:

We didn’t get a single complaint against thus scraper! Clients are pretty impressed with this;

  • Pretty hardcore: This grill brush is tough as nail on stains and stubborn grime! It scrubbed down everything clean, and is very strong, very durable and good quality.
  • Easy to clean: The brush is very easy to use.
  • Very affordable: the price is quite low despite its strong performance.
View on Amazon

8. BBQ Bristles Grill Tool

While there’s some fear about the safety of wire grill brushes, we have to admit that some of them are so good in cleaning such that all the others come a distant second.

And then you can also find some with unique features like this BBQ bristles grill tool which has a protruding tip that marvelously clear grease that normally accumulates as you clean up.

Its overall design means you can actually clean your grill at 360°.

Also, it has a handle that gives you a strong grip so that you can scrub without worrying of its breakage.


  • 100% Rust Proof
  • Rigid Construction
  • 3 Brushes In 1
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Hard-Wired stainless steel
  • High quality handle(plastic)

What we liked:

  • Its handle is sturdy and won’t bend
  • It lasts much longer
  • The rubberized grip makes it easier to use
  • It has sufficient lateral flex to scrub between thick bars
  • Will never rust even if exposed to wetness
  • The angle is superior so you reach all corners
  • Doesn’t demand much force to do its job

What we didn’t like:

  • The bristles are super sharp so you must be careful when using it

What reviewers say:

  • Thank God it isn’t flat: A current user is not flat meaning once it gets down to business, it will take off months of gunk on your favorite BBQ grill.
  • Bristles hold up nicely: The bristles are splendid against buildup. Won’t break under stress.
View on Amazon

9. Sage Owl Grate Grill Scraper

Brass bristles grill are much softer than their stainless steel peers.

So, if you are looking for a grill scraper that will never, ever hurt the porcelain or Teflon coating on your grates, go for a brass grill brush.

A reliable option would be the sage owl grate grill scraper.

Not only does it clean without harming any part of your grill, it also works with virtually all grates (round & V-shaped).

It also comes with a hanging hook and chain so that you can conveniently store it- wherever the next barbeque party will be.

Key features:

  • Rugged 2-in-1 cleaner
  • Solid brass material
  • Compact size
  • Comes with a ball chain and S-hook

What we liked:

  • So small- you can stash it into your pocket
  • The ball chain and s-hook allows you to hang it anywhere
  • It’s inexpensive
  • Compatible with most grill grates
  • Won’t harm your grill

What we didn’t like:

  • Since its small, it may take a little longer to clean.
  • It’s awkward to use- It doesn’t have a handle.

What reviewers say:

  • Small yet mighty: If you are tired of your wire brushes, then here is your savior. It especially works on gas grills.
  • This is a genius: It does a great job getting off crusty or baked on food residue from your metal grates. And you can easily scrap under the grate.
View on Amazon

Buying guide:

  • Grill Brush Design

There are two popular grill brush designs out there; square block design and 3 sided design.

The block design is cheaper but terrible – the front bristles get damaged after very few uses while the 3 brush design is durable and works for longer.

  • Bristles Vs. Bristle free Grill Scraper

You may end up swallowing bristles with wired BBQ grill brushes while one-piece cleaners nullify this HAZARD so you will have total peace of mind.

But over time, makers of wired cleaners have improved and they don’t come off that easily.

  • Handle Length & strength

The longer is better. Short handled grill scrapers will get your hand close to heat and you can burn yourself.

Again the studies, the better to avoid it bending when put under pressure

  • Effectiveness

How well does it scrub the surfaces? Does it reach all the crevice and corners? What about its angle? Better if it can do 360 degrees cleaning.

  • Does it hurt your grill’s surface?

Preferably, it should clean without scratching your grill’s ceramic or porcelain surface

  • Durability

We have some rugged cleaners like the sage owl grate grill scraper which are built to last. Or do you prefer continually spending on scrapers?

Also consider the material. There are types such as a wooden grill scraper, plastic grill scraper and steel.

  • Convenience

Since you will most likely be having fun out there, you want a scrubber which can easily be carried and also stored. So, its weight matters plus storage accessories like a hanging tool.

What’s more? Grill scrapers make great gifts especially for friends and family that love grilling.

Our Champion

Our team has tried and tested over 30 scrapers in the hunt for the best grill scraper.  They unanimously voted for the Deroteno BBQ Grill Brush.

It scored 5/5, a feat not common in such a highly competitive field.

But again looking at it closely, you will see that it satisfies all the key traits of a great grill scraper

It cleans without scratching, has a high quality flexible handle, is light enough to go with it anywhere and has a unique texture so it will be effective without requiring lots of force.


The best grill scraper should be your friend if you will continue enjoying delicacies out there.

And it’s not a matter of choice- not unless you want to risk your health by cooking and eating in dirt.

We have seen that the best grill scraper should be user friendly and as effective as possible- and our review has covered nine of these.

So, it’s time to make a decision and transform the way you prepare and enjoy your meat.

Hope to meet a happy you during our next outing!

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