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Hello there! I am so excited to have you visit the blog.

My name is Eunice Murugi Wambugu. I am a content writer and blogger who is very passionate about gardening. I see the many struggles that gardeners go through to get the right information on products and farming techniques.

I have therefore decided to start this blog to share the knowledge I have based on my experience and that of my fellow gardeners.

When the word gardening comes to mind, most people think of just putting a given crop in the soil and that’s it. However, there are many factors that one should consider in order to come up with a successful garden.

The aim of is to provide essential information ranging from the appropriate steps to undertake, the correct gear to have so at to protect your body during gardening activities. Lastly, know the right the tools and equipment to use to make your work efficient and fruitful.

The information provided on the blog is applicable to all type of gardeners be it indoor or outdoor.

All the products are discussed with utmost honesty with the pros and cons provided for each to enable the buyers to make the best choice depending on their need before actually purchasing the product.

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