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Month: February 2018

Best Hand Cream for Gardeners- Gardeners Hand Care

hand cream for gardeners

While gardening over the years, I realized that gardening activities dry out my hands.

This is especially when not wearing gardening gloves.

Moreover, I get small cuts and bruises that I notice way after finishing up the days’ work.

To remedy the situation, I found a list of the best hand cream for gardeners to help keep my hands moisturized and relieved.

The products stand out from the many in the market since they are specially made for gardeners hand care.

Most noteworthy, the hand creams [...]  Continue Reading

Natural Pest Control Recipes Gardeners Should Know About

Natural pest control recipes

Pests are every farmer’s nightmare.

Whether they own a small kitchen garden or acres of farmland. They wreak a lot of havoc not only on plant and animal health, but also on human health.

Some would abruptly erupt like an African volcano in your garden so rapidly. This because, animals and human beings are the end consumers of the said plants.

A pest is defined as any living organism, bet it animal, plant or fungus, which has a detrimental effect, small or extensive on plants, humans or animals.

However, [...]  Continue Reading